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Air Impact Wrenches
About ASIA
Shut-Off Impulse Screwdriver (Air Oil Pulse)
Shut-Off Impulse Wrench (Air Oil Pulse)
Shut-Off Impulse Screwdriver R Valve
Shut-Off Impulse Wrench R Valve
Non Shut-Off Impulse Screwdriver R Valve
Non Shut-Off Impulse Wrench R Valve
Twin Dog Air Impact Screwdriver
Twin Dog Air Impact Wrench
Twin Hammer Air Impact Screwdriver
Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench
Swing Hammer Air Impact Wrench
Grinder Tools

Asia Air Tools

Industrial Air Tools

Asia Air Tools are made up of Magnesium Alloy materials those are light, good Heat shrinkable, bright metallic luster. Additionally, they are in possession of patented light motor, anti-collision and shock absorption.

Asia Air Tools are produced after the strict inspection. They are high-quality, longevity and lightweight and high efficiency and can be available in high temperature, any stern working environment.

From Research, Develop, Produce to Market, we tend to adopt the strict quality control. We provide the products, services and solutions and strengthens the customers’ using frequency, productivity, operation. Our diversified and innovative products range can solve your industrial problems in the tools using.

Effectively and quickly finishing the work is the expected goal in each user. Asia Air Tools absolutely satisfy all of these consumers’ demand. Asia Air Tool aims at the innovative products all the times. What we do not change is contain the power, durability and trust in the world Industrial tools. Each Asia tool reflects our promise to the clients: Safety and after sale service. We prepare a variety of Pneumatic Tools no matter light auto repair shop or industrial tools of the heavy industry. Asia will be your best partners.

Our designed goal is durability and power and we follow by the ergonomics design and lasting handling. Therefore, it increases the comfort of the users, decrease the fatigue and enhances the working efficiency. Our company matches the condition for environmental protection, long-term management. The Industrial lightweight tools must be the tendency for the effects of the global warming, following by carbon reduction and maintenance of resources recycling.